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Munich American High School alumni get another chance to get their yearbooks

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Welcome To Blue Mustang Press

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We like to think of ourselves as a new direction in publishing. A freeing of the presses for the publication of books of all types without the tight, stifling world of corporate publishing houses. Traditional houses are designed for the mass market with an eye to maximizing profits for shareholders and focusing on the item that will appeal to the most and offend the least. This leaves many voices silent. We hope to change that by offering authors and book producers an opportunity to publish their work with a royalty paying publisher without the need to go the vanity press route and pay massive amounts of money for cases and cases of books of which only a percentage will be sold.


Difference Number One - What We Publish

Many people have a novel or a book of poetry in them that struggles to come out. But the final product may have limited appeal...regional interests for instance. A book about a group of kids in Cleveland, Ohio may only appeal to 1000 readers IN Cleveland. A traditional publisher would NOT touch such a book. Or, perhaps it is an informational book on a very narrow topic. A geneology perhaps. Yearbook reprints. A handbook for a conference you organize or a trade show you attend. Or even a textbook that is used in a class. If your manuscript is accepted, we will prepare the book for publication, provide it with an ISBN number,  and make it available for ordering via normal bookstore channels as well as through us directly.


Difference Number Two - OPTIONS

Not everyone is looking for their book to be in bookstores. Several of the scenarios mentioned above, the conferences for instance, work better when the author sells the books him/herself. Royalty options are available as well as various author discount options. The difference is that YOU have some choice in these decisions and YOU can choose the publishing matrix that works best for your work. Textbooks or handbooks are different than novels and sell differently in the marketplace so your marketing and publishing options should be different too.

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